Summit Families

Journeying together as we pass on faith

Summit Families is the part of the Family Department that serves adults, the family as a unit, and experiments with resources and programming that are not traditionally considered part of children’s or youth ministry.

Our approach

We are eager to do two things.  First we want to provide families with the opportunity to interact with each other.  This includes events that are designed to give adults the space to talk to each other and kids to have fun.  
We are also eager to provide resources for families.  Sometimes this takes the form of promoting local conferences, sometimes hosting a small group discussion class, sometimes sharing a specific podcast episode, sometimes providing supplies to families to aid them in their worship of God at home.  We’re always looking for ways to help families.

Our Values


Following Jesus gives us joy, so why should church be boring? 


From providing opportunities for people to share life together to passing on trustworthy resources, we are looking to connect your family with what it needs to follow Jesus and become more like Him. 


We pray for the same thing for you that we pray for own family.  We pray that your family will develop a strong faith and a love for Jesus that they will pass on to their family.